Understanding cataracts

Over time the lens within your eye starts to harden and becomes cloudy, preventing light from reaching the back of your eye. The result is poor vision marked by blurry or double images, faded colours, glare and halos around lights. Tasks such as driving become difficult, especially at night, and reading typically requires brighter lighting. Virtually everyone develops cataracts to varying degrees as they get older. This painless disease, which can occur in one or both eyes, cannot be prevented. But they can be treated successfully.

How we can help

Every eye is unique. That's why we're taking a highly precise approach to cataract treatment, with laser cataract surgery that uses advanced technology to measure and map high-resolution images of your eyes. Using these 3D images as guides, we use a specialized laser to help remove the clouded lens and replace it with a small, artificial intraocular lens. No blades, just highly precise incisions and lens placement that leads to the best results.

Thanks to the finely honed skills of our ophthalmologists, we've also achieved amazing results with traditional cataract surgery. In this straightforward procedure, we use a blade to make the incisions to remove the clouded lens, which is then replaced with an artificial lens. Whether you choose laser or traditional cataract surgery, you'll see your vision transformed from cloudy to crystal clear!

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